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React Navigator. A React hook-based router that updates on all url changes. Heavily inspired by hookrouter.

Zero dependencies. Tiny footprint.

Quick Start

Getting started with raviger


npm i raviger

Quick Start

This basic setup shows how to display an <App> component that renders a route based on the current path, with links to different routes.

import { useRoutes, Link, useQueryParams } from 'raviger'
import { Home, About, Users } from './Pages.js'

const routes = {
  '/': () => <Home />,
  '/about': () => <About />,
  '/users/:userId': ({ userId }) => <Users id={userId} />

export default function App() {
  let route = useRoutes(routes)
  return (
        <Link href="/">Home</Link>
        <Link href="/about">About</Link>
        <Link href="/users/1">Tom</Link>
        <Link href="/users/2">Jane</Link>